Friday, December 4, 2009

Sarah Geronimo: Im comin' at yah!'

“Sarah is coming again in GenSan!” This is how my class buddy freaked out when she found out that Sarah G. will have a return performance here in our booming city. Thanks to the effort of such Good Samaritan, Mr. Michael Wee,producer of the said concert, we shall able to see again the show stopping performances of Sarah Geronimo. Oh no! Let me correct! YOU will see her AGAIN … For this will be my FIRST time to see her… IF EVER! I have already known the necessary information for the said concert, from the sponsors to special guests, from location of the event to the ticket pricing, but one question bothers me… really bothers me. Why should I watch her and is she really worth paying for?

So justifying Sarah’s worth. Here are some reasons why we should watch her concert.

Sarah: Fashion Trendsetter. Being one of the top endorser of her generation, Sarah reinvents herself fashion lifestyle from being a normal teenage singing champ get up to a showbiz premiere leading lady fashionista.

Sarah: Unstoppable Achiever. Sarah G. is just unstoppable. Garnering three major awards in the recent Box Office Awards, she definitely also proves her acting skills worth aside from being a multi platinum artist (including her concert DVD series). She doesn’t stop there. Pursuing excellence, she has always one step forward on every milestone in her career.

Sarah: Household Name. My mother always says “Sarah will be the next superstar.” “Sarah is great!” “Sarah has a jawbreaker voice.” Do all mothers say that? Come on. Give me some break.

Sarah: Date-reason. I have this friend of mine who is a Sarah G. Fanatic, whom I found cute and charming. When I tried to ask her if she wants to come with me to watch the concert IF EVER I had the chance, I then said “would you come? “ She just said “YES”. (hihi)

Sarah: My first. If I will watch her concert in the metro, definitely she will be my first! My first ever concert artist to see perform LIVE!

Whew. That is just 5 out of googolplex reasons why we should watch Sarah Geronimo in her comeback tour here in GenSan. I am really in suspense to see her and hoping that I will. Watch her “Sarah Geronimo-the Next One Concert” in GenSan ( as she stimulates our nerves by her performance with other artist. Thanks to GenSan News Online Mag ( for relaying this Info to all the Generals. See you at the Gym.(P.S. Create your blog, share your thoughts about Sarah

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